You may have heard of it, CORONAVIRUS. This may be inflated hype from the media, or, it may be a very grave new bug and potentially affect us all in some way. For many, it already has.

The virus is reported to be quickly and easily spread, with little to no knowledge of treatment or preventative methods, as it is new to our human race. According to the WHO and CDC, research is being done at a frantic pace, in hopes of containing it, or at least slowing the spread of it, and preventing an epidemic on an even greater scale.

Regardless of how little we know about it, common sense should prevail, and the first line of defense is the same common behavior one uses to prevent the common flu- HYGIENE.

We are frequently reminded of our hygiene responsibilities during flu and cold season, but this should be on the forefront of our minds ALL THE TIME.

Things like: Coughing into the elbow (or hand, at the very least), Washing hands for at least 20 seconds, and frequently, using an alcohol based hand sanitizer, staying away from people when sick (especially the very young, elderly, or immuno-compromised), eating only fully-cooked foods from a known and trusted source, in a clean environment (do NOT eat meat from a dead animal of another country!).

In an effort to contribute to this cause, I am sharing this tip- this request- the one thing that I personally consider to be OF THE UTMOST IMPORTANCE:


Yes, that’s right! Your phone (AND IT’S PROTECTIVE CASE) NEED WASHED!

Frequently, and Thoroughly! 

Imagine this:

You wake up in the morning, and reach to pick up your phone from the bedside table, where it's sat, quietly charging all night. You grab the phone with your hand, a hand that's spent the last 7 or 8 hours traversing, scratching, digging into unknown crevices, unwashed orifices, and nether regions rarely spoken of!

Microscopic bacteria and probable viruses move from your hand to join their oft-forgotten relatives living on your phone, and begin to colonize. They are happy to just hang out at first, but then you get out of bed, taking their new homestead with you, and placing it on the bathroom vanity, where it has a family reunion with long-lost relatives that live there. They get together and throw an all-out BASH! Then, after your morning shower, where more germs may have joined the cellphone free-for-all, you go into the kitchen, your once clean hands, now already ridden with filth. Then you set the phone not he kitchen counter... OH BOY!!! NOW THE PARTY IS REALLY GOING ON YOUR DEVICE!!!

Then as you leave for work, phone in hand, still with a growing gathering of germs on it, as now, the members of the elite party have begun to copulate and multiply. Your doorknob on the way out, adds an additional few millions germs, increasing the petri party. Heading to the office, you also invite add new life, as you handle the entrance knob at the building.

I won’t even get into the Public Transit riders. (OK, Maybe just a little teaser - Think about the people you ride with- coughing into hands, wiping a runny nose, sneezing, etc - then reaching out to hold on to the bus safety strap, or train pole for dear life during a standing-room only commute...)

Hopefully, you all wash your hands after using the bathroom.

I KNOW you don’t all wash your phones after it.

May as well never wash your hands.


Be safe and healthy out there!

Another story about phone cleaning:

Here’s a related article from Apple, saying that now its ok to clean your phone, after years of saying the opposite.