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My Involvement in a Missing Person’s Investigation

One quiet Saturday in Chicago, I was working at a Verizon Store on the campus of Loyola University, Chicago. The pandemic of the coronavirus in the US is just beginning to unfold, and Governor J.B. Pritzker has just announced his Stay-at-Home Order for non-essential business in Illinois, which would take affect that day, March 20th beginning at 5:00 PM. Telecommunications is considered critical infrastructure, and so I remain employed. I’d had one customer that day, and he had just happily left with his new phone. About 35 minutes later, a couple walks in the door. The man was older, with bad hips. The woman was a bit younger than him, maybe around 60, and wearing a healthcare mask (as is currently the trend). She was talking on the phone, and he just grunts and points at her when i greet him. She continued to chat on her phone call for about 5 minutes while i waited patiently for her to wrap up. Once she hung up, she looked at me, then the man and quietly said to him “we may b

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